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Are you an entrepreneurial broker that thrives having their own independence and ideally would like to manage relationships with both clients and insurers?

The Movo Partnership allows you to trade directly with insurers, keep 100% of your hard earned commission whilst using our governance framework to ensure you are compliant and have access to the markets you need.

The AR Network

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Brokers need to broke and underwriters want direct access to placement brokers so they can understand risks better. Until recently, the only options a broker had were to go directly authorised or join an appointed representative network which often resulted in having to place risks via a centrally managed broking team. We want to do it better:


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Say goodbye to a commission split. Our partners work with us and receive 100% of the commission they earn. We charge a very competitive monthly fee, similar to what you would pay a network if you were directly authorised.


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Manage your own insurer relationships – No one knows your clients better than you! We believe having the freedom to place business with whom you like is an important part of running your brokerage.  Get access to hundreds of insurers agencies you can deal direct with from day one.


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Support – this comes in many forms from general business support, systems support, placement support, even potential scheme development. We work with you to help grow you in the direction you wish to take as a business. We even have weekly webinars with insurers that you can participate in or watch when you like.

If you are looking for a solution that feels similar to being directly authorised but is easier to manage, then get in touch with the Movo team to find out if you are eligible to join.

Running a business is not easy but many people happily do it. Our job is to not only make sure you start your business, but also that you stay in business.


We know switching networks is a big step but our experienced migration team will be on hand to guide you through.


What can we do for you?

Making the Switch?

Who will support you? We have a team who will guide you through all the steps including setting up your own Acturis branch, FCA notifications, agency transfers and a 3 month supported induction to help get you going.

Your commission is your own and the Partnership commits to not taking any overriders.

From 6 to 10 week onboarding process

We are so confident our brokers love what we do that we are happy for you to pick any one of them to find out if joining is the right decision for your business.


What our members think of the Partnership network?