Our Pledge

The Movo Tree Foundation

The Movo Tree Foundation was set up at our launch event to ensure we consider the effect our industry overall has on the environment. We have made a commitment to plant 100 trees annually on behalf of the Partnership and a further 10 trees for every broker that joins us.

There is also the option of sponsoring a tree with your business and
getting commemorative plaque alongside it.


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Offices have long been known to be epic paper wasters. In the UK the average office worker uses approximately 10,000 sheets a year, and 75% of this ends up in the waste paper bin. Although sometimes it’s necessary to use paper – for example with legal and official documents – a lot of the time it’s not. Movo is not different from other businesses, but we are making a pledge to use less paper daily and do the following:

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Plant 100 trees annually – This is our minimum commitment and we will be doing this ourselves. It has already proved to be a great team building exercise and an education for us and our families at the Partnership. We source the land, buy the trees and once weekend per year we will dig and plant our trees.

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Plant trees on behalf of our network partners – For each new member that joins us annually we will plant a further 10 trees. As a member you will have naming rights over your trees and we will live stream and record them being planted under your name. You can also choose to help us in our quest to plant as many trees as we can by becoming a sponsor.

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Cut down our usage of paper as a network by:
  • Using more cloud-based software. It’s easier than ever to securely share information with colleagues and clients using the internet. Cloud-based applications provide an instant way to transfer information and often facilitate collaboration.
  • Being print-aware and keeping track of how much you’re printing by using print audit software and setting departmental printing budgets. Also training staff on when to use the printer and incentivising limited use.
  • Investing in hardware – Doubling up on computer monitors for staff. Having two monitors reduces the need to print documents just for the sake of reference and can actually increase productivity also.

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