The Movo Partnership provides you with a  <b><u>'Business in a Box'</u></b>
Broker Support

The Movo Partnership provides you with a 'Business in a Box'

Our model aims to give you similar benefits to being Directly Authorised whilst spending considerably less time and money managing the administrative and compliance side of the business.

Whilst we will do a lot of the heavy lifting, running your business will still be your responsibility and for this reason we have created the broking support team who take a staged approach from your first day until you are accustomed to our processes and know how to access information, markets and IT support.

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Step by step:
how we do it


Prior to joining

We will go through your application and if successful we will provide you with an onboarding pack and start the FCA appointed representative application. Here you will be required to disclose any relevant matters to the regulator. We will guide you through this process.


Getting ready for ‘Go Live’

We will build your Acturis branch with your own branding and get your e-trade agencies readied. If you have existing clients, we will assist you in transferring these into your agencies and will provide any broking support pre joining via the broking desk.


Day one

You should have your Acturis training booked in and will have an induction on how systems work as well as an introduction to the various teams including accounts and compliance. By now, you are likely to be familiar with the broking desk and they will be tasked with assisting you closely over the next 3 months.


Flying the nest

Once you are familiar with all our processes and how to access insurers, you will manage your own day to day and make commercial decision based on your businesses needs. We will monitor your compliance and help you do this to a great standard and ensure TCF principles are being adhered to. You will have regular contact with our accounts, claims and IT teams as and when you need them.


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