What is the Movo Partnership – A helpful guide for clients

The Movo Partnership is an appointed representative network (often described and an AR Network for short) comprising of approximately 50 brokers who utilise our governance, compliance, and infrastructural services. We do not provide customer servicing; this is only done by our brokers. A full list of authorised appointed representatives can be found on the FCA register by clicking below.

By grouping together, our brokers gain buying power and specialist expertise to manage their back-office functions.

As a customer you will have the re-assurance that your brokers governance and compliance is being monitored by an expert team. Client money will be held in accordance with Cass 5 rules, and you will have access to our supported, complaints procedure.

Your broker chooses to use the Movo Partnership as they gain access to a large panel of suppliers as well as meaningful buying power for the benefit of their clients. By joining together with other brokers, they gain operational economies of scale which means a lower cost base and more free time to service your needs.

Should you have the need to complain, in the first instance contact your broker but should you need to get in touch with us please email: complaints@movopartnership.co.uk

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A. An Appointed Representative network is a regulatory model whereby the principal firm (The Movo Partnership Ltd) supervises and accepts regulatory responsibility for the sales of products made by its Appointed Representatives. Our obligation includes the requirement to ensure that firms are maintaining their competency requirements, they are offering sound advice and importantly, are treating customers fairly.

A. Our network is only for the professional, general insurance brokers. We have a strict competency requirement and regularly carry out file audits.
A. This is exclusively the remit of our brokers, other than regulatory matters.
A. This is exclusively for your broker to advise you, the Movo Partnership provides no client advice or has any preference on which insurer or product is provided.
A. We charge a low flat commission fee to our brokers.
A. No, there are many and in some classes of business, they are the predominant means of accessing regulatory permission.
A. This is exclusively managed by the Movo Partnership accounts team in line with the FCA’s Cass 5 regulations and is segregated in a Statutory Trust account.
A. In the first instance you should contact your broker, but should they be unable to resolve an issue, our governance team will step in and help.
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