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It is often said that claims are the shop window for insurers and by association, brokers. We know how tough it is for start-ups and small businesses to manage their claims whilst doing all the other functions a brokerage requires.

At the Movo Partnership, we provide you with support from our experienced inhouse claims team. Our staff will help notify claims and provide a fully managed claim service for you and your clients as well as invaluable support on coverage matters.

Many other networks do not provide access to claims support, and we understand why. It is one of, if not the largest of our operational expenses, and if our mission was purely to focus on profitability, we would be looking to push this exclusive into our members workflow.

Our belief is that it is very difficult for most client facing brokers to also have the full knowledge required to manage claims effectively. Ultimately, clients need us most when they are having to call on their policies and respond to events that lead to a claim.

For this reason, we have made the decision to support all our brokers from day one of their journeys and have a directly employed, extremely skilled team at our broker’s disposal.

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"If you really want to start gaining traction in your business, then you could do a lot worse than speaking to Movo. We did."
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Andrew Leen
Founder, Mediaroo
"We first met with Movo 12 months ago & from there knew Movo were the way to go, having looked at several alternatives. Lea’s enthusiasm for the Movo model gave us all the reassurances we needed to choose them & move forward".
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Keith George
Director, GT Insurance
"Overall, I can not recommend Movo enough, and for anyone considering taking up this fantastic opportunity I would tell you to go for it, honestly you will never look back".
Charlotte Beale
Director, Barb & Dor Insurance Brokers
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