Starting an insurance brokerage?

Want to start an insurance brokerage? Movo can help get your start-up off the ground successfully

It is a journey we have undertaken with dozens of entrepreneurs and partners, and we avidly believe that the future of our industry relies on us helping the next generation to achieve its goals.
Our aim is to provide as much support as possible to all our brokers.


A partnership model that works

Leaving a secure job to set out on your own is a very difficult decision
which can be made harder by making wrong choices early on in your journey

Knowing who and which suppliers to trust is always a challenge, so we make the following commitments to all our members:

  • Our core reason for existence is not the pursuit of profits but to maximise the ease of trading for our members.
  • Any profits will be reinvested into 3 core areas:
    • Funding for start-ups & brokers
    • Improving services for our members
    • Fostering a community to support one another 
  • We will always be clear on our fees and will never charge ‘Silent’ overriders on commissions. Our insurers can be certain that any commission uplifts will go directly to the brokers that place the business.
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How We Help You Start An Insurance Brokerage

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What our Clients say about us?

"If you really want to start gaining traction in your business, then you could do a lot worse than speaking to Movo. We did."
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Andrew Lean
Founder, Mediaroo
"We first met with Movo 12 months ago & from there knew Movo were the way to go, having looked at several alternatives. Lea’s enthusiasm for the Movo model gave us all the reassurances we needed to choose them & move forward".
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Keith George
Director, GT Insurance
"Overall, I can not recommend Movo enough, and for anyone considering taking up this fantastic opportunity I would tell you to go for it, honestly you will never look back".
Charlotte Beale
Director, Barb & Dor Insurance Brokers
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