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An Appointed Representative network is a regulatory model whereby the principal firm (The Movo Partnership Ltd) supervises and accepts regulatory responsibility for the sales of products made by its AR’s.  Our obligation includes the requirement to ensure that firms are maintaining their competency requirements, they are offering sound advice and importantly, are treating customers fairly.

Our network is only for the professional, general insurance broker. We are not able to accommodate the casual broker or those lacking experience.

Experienced and ambitious professionals with client facing and advising competence.

Yes you will, underwriters want to speak to the brokers closest to the client and brokers get the best deals by working hard on placement. You will need to operate with the utmost respect when dealing with our insurer partners. Our agencies are shared, and our members behaviours reflects on all of us. We have a process to raise insurer issues.

We charge a flat, monthly, commission fee based on the size of your business. Full pricing details can be obtained here.

Yes you will, subject to following our regulatory requirements and agency code of conduct.  These would be the same requirements you would have if you were directly authorised but having our support team on hand to help you make sure you are meeting the standards required by the FCA.

Yes, in most cases you will but some niche insurers will restrict trading to individual members or be exclusively via the broking desk.  This is to ensure you have direct access to the broadest panel of insurers possible which usually is between 300/400 agencies.

We will provide you with the facilities to collect money, in your own business name and handle all the insurers reconciliation and payments.  You will be required to collect the money from your client and arrange for any finance forms to be completed.

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