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An AR is the abbreviation used in the insurance industry to describe a firm or individual with appointed representative status.

An Appointed Representative network is a regulatory model whereby the principal firm (The Movo Partnership Ltd) supervises and accepts regulatory responsibility for the sales of products made by its AR’s.  Our obligation includes the requirement to ensure that firms are maintaining their competency requirements, they are offering sound advice and importantly, are treating customers fairly.

Our network is only for the professional, general insurance broker. We are not able to accommodate the casual broker or those lacking experience.

Both type of authorisations are regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority however the regulatory responsibility of the AR will also fall on the principal firm whilst as a directly authorised firm will manage their relationship directly with the FCA.

Some AR networks restrict the brokers ability to trade directly with insurers, but this is a business decision those networks have taken. The Movo Partnership allows our brokers to do everything they would do as a DA firm minus quite a bit of the administrative burden.

Experienced and ambitious professionals with client facing and advising competence.

Yes, you will absolutely need to be experienced and competent. As a Principal firm, we are responsible for our AR’s regulatory compliance.  

We will ensure you are competent to use all our systems which include Acturis, Close premium finance, Premium Credit, credit referencing subscriptions and email systems to name a few of the main one’s.

Yes, as long as you meet the qualifying criteria, we have a variety of support packages to help you get started.

Yes, as long as you meet the qualifying criteria, we have a variety of support packages to help you get started.

A PC and and place to work, unless you are on one of our supported programs where we provide you with all your equipment.

Training and development is a continuing requirement. We provide several training programs from the Movo Academy or Webinar Wednesday. All training packages are free to our brokers.

We operate predominantly on Acturis but will occasionally support Open GI.

We have negotiated some excellent rates meaning you will pay a set up fee, so that your own ‘Branch’ can be set up, and then a monthly fee.

Yes you will, underwriters want to speak to the brokers closest to the client and brokers get the best deals by working hard on placement. You will need to operate with the utmost respect when dealing with our insurer partners. Our agencies are shared, and our members behaviours reflects on all of us. We have a process to raise insurer issues.

Our insurers will be notified when a new broker joins and will be in touch with you. You will also have access to our Movo Buddy system where you can find out what markets are available for a variety of trades.

We charge a flat, monthly, commission fee based on the size of your business. Full pricing details can be obtained here.

Our fee structure is actually a form of commission split but it’s capped to a reasonable sum. Our network was created by brokers for brokers and our focus is not on making profit but supporting our brokers.

Our brokers own all their clients, the Movo Partnership is a network and does not transact business directly with customers.

Yes you will, subject to following our regulatory requirements and agency code of conduct.  These would be the same requirements you would have if you were directly authorised but having our support team on hand to help you make sure you are meeting the standards required by the FCA.

Yes, we provide a free locum service for small firms so our brokers can get some valuable time off.

Yes, in most cases you will but some niche insurers will restrict trading to individual members or be exclusively via the broking desk.  This is to ensure you have direct access to the broadest panel of insurers possible which usually is between 300/400 agencies.

Over 200 including all the mainstream insurers as well as many of the other commercial markets in the UK.

We have an extremely broad panel of insurers and MGA’s, should you need a specific insurer, we will guide you through the process to request these to be added.

Whilst most other networks do not provide claims support, when you join Movo, you will have access to our claims team to help you and your clients.

We will provide you with the facilities to collect money, in your own business name and handle all the insurers reconciliation and payments.  You will be required to collect the money from your client and arrange for any finance forms to be completed.

We have a dedicated facility and one of our partner brokers is a PI specialist and helps over 90% of the AR in the network source their own cover.

Yes, we can help you with the process but sometimes, proprietors choose to open a new company to become an AR.

You will have access to a large panel of insurer and the buying power of the group. We do not take overriders from insurers, so we are a very different proposition than your standard network. Our insurers love dealing with regional, independent brokerages. This is what the Movo Partnership gives them.

Your costs should go down and your income should go up. Please contact us so we can provide you with a feasibility report.

De-authorising often means decreasing the administrative burden brokers suffer. Doing the parts of the job you love and reducing the parts you do not enjoy often means the need to sell decreases.

It depends on a few factors including the FCA process and any notice periods you may have agreed with your existing providers, but as a range, anything between 1 month and 6 months.

We have a well-established process to help smooth any issues out. Whether it be with an Acturis integration process or managing your I-market ID. We have done the switching process dozens of times so whilst we can’t guarantee no issues will arise, we can guarantee that we will be on hand to help you resolve them.

When choosing to join the Movo Partnership, the biggest motivation our brokers report back on is the desire be in control of where they place their business. They want to deal directly with insurers and have access to a wide variety of insurers. The fact there is, in most cases, a significant financial benefit is usually just a bonus.

Our fee structure is actually a form of commission split but it’s capped to a reasonable sum. Our network was created by brokers for brokers and our focus is not on making profit but supporting our brokers.

We are most proud of the fact our brokers love our network. Pick any broker you like on the FCA register and we will facilitate a call for you.

The data on your Acturis branch belongs to you. You will decide what you do with it.

Since our launch in 2019, we have been taken aback by the enthusiasm insurers have shown for our model. The benefit for insurers is a low-cost method of transacting with a large volume of their preferred type of broker (the sub £5M GWP regional broker). Insurers want to build relationships with the brokers that ultimately decide where the business will go. Whilst there are other AR models out there, we are not the same. You will be able to place your businesses profile on a secure portal which insurers have access to, and you can manage your relationship directly.

This is not a scenario which happens often. We the exception of a couple of insurers, we have access via one means or another to all UK markets. If we do not have an agency, we can apply for one provided there is a business case for this.

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