Movo Partnership Joins the Exclusive Aviva 110 Club

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Aviva’s Club 110 is an exclusive, invitation-only proposition that supports what Aviva calls ‘the very best regional independent brokers’ in the UK.

The club was set up to help its members grow and prosper as well as take advantage of a wealth of member benefits. This includes free access to a wide range of specialist solutions from expert providers, all backed and underwritten by Aviva with service level agreements in place.

Movo members have been working with Aviva over the last few years to develop our account together. From a broking perspective, Aviva is one of the premier insurers for commercial customers so it has always made sense to foster a close working relationship.

Lea Cheesbrough commented ‘We have been working closely with Aviva over the past 12-18 months and the account has grown steadily. It was an exciting moment to be advised we have now formally made it to the “club”.

The thanks however go to each of our brokers for working with Movo placement teams and Aviva to ensure we repeatedly hit the targets and milestones that were put in place and the benefits of now becoming a 110 member will mean greater support from underwriters and the wider Aviva management team’


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