Insurance Entrepreneurs Podcast – Episode 1 – Golan Lambranzi

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In this inaugural episode of the Insurance Entrepreneurs Podcast, we talk to the Founder of the Movo Insurance and Co-Founder of the Movo Partnership, Golan Lambranzi. We find out where it all started for him, what prompted him to start his own brokerage and the ups and downs he’s experienced over the past decade. It will be a really honest picture too, not just the fluffy stuff!

With so much business support available these days for entrepreneurs, it can be difficult to know where to turn, and how to extract information and relate it to your business. So here we will just be talking about the world of insurance, success stories across the industry always with a real-life prospective.

This episode will run across two parts so that there will be a natural gap to invite questions from listeners so that we can answer in the follow-up episode.

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