The Movo Tree Foundation Plants its First Trees

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The Movo Tree Foundation is now in full flight! Here are some images of our weekend planting the first 100 trees.

When Movo Partnership launched on the 26th September 2019 we made a pledge that we would ensure we always gave something back! It was to support this that we launched the Movo Tree Foundation.

Originally the brainchild of Jordan DeSaa, Jordan had voiced concerns regarding how much paper we use, even now in an era of digital it can be alarming.

We have agreed to plant 100 trees each year as a minimum to support this worthwhile cause. Regrettably, due to the Pandemic, we were unable to plant any trees in 2020 and as such have just finished planting the first 100.

A further 100 trees will be planted at the end of this summer. One extra bit of news we are able to announce is that for each new broker we welcome to the network we will increase that number by a further 10 trees.

It is vital that we all do our bit to support our world.

Also, we have to thank Frylands Wood for accommodating our first 100 trees. It’s so important that we all do our own small bit towards living more sustainably personally and business-wise.

If you are interested in getting involved in the work we are doing, then please get in touch, it’s been great to hear from a number of people already. As the trees go into the ground there is always the opportunity to have them named. We will also be adding another 10 trees for every new broker that comes on board with the Partnership.

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