Lea Cheesbrough Named on Insurance Business Elite Women of 2021 List

Elite Women 2021

We are really proud that this week Lea Cheesbrough became one of the 49 fantastic women recognised in the Insurance Business UK’s Elite Women of 2021.

Lea joined Movo in 2018 as Network Director. In her three years in the business so she has certainly made a massive impact, both internally with the teams across Movo, and externally with the birth of the Movo Partnership alongside Movo Founder Golan Lambranzi.

Clear vision for change and work ethic has helped Lea establish what is now the fastest growing AR Network in the UK for Insurers.

Lea stated “Our vision was to create a new and vastly different option in the AR Network space. One that would give entrepreneurial brokers with the hunger to succeed a truly cost-effective route to running your own insurance brokerage”.

“We wanted to create a Network that allowed it members to maintain direct relationships with insurers and reward their growth by not extracting percentages from their commission. We have managed to achieve this and I am thrilled”.

Upon finding out she was included on the list of 49 Lea said “I love what I do and thank our amazing teams both men and women for the efforts they put in place to make Movo so special! A huge thank you to everyone who has sent me their best wishes and congratulations every message means a lot to me.” 


As with many people in the industry I fell into Insurance. I took a role as an Admin assistant in an insurance brokerage close to my home and after 10 weeks I was hooked and moved to an Account Handler position. Within 3 years I was running my own team as Head of New Business and was lucky enough to move to more senior roles as the years went by working with many supportive and influential professionals.


Much has been made about gender in all walks of life in recent years and whilst being nominated for any award is a privilege I am very concerned that what we are seeing is more segregation between the sexes than diversity. Many would agree that Insurance is historically a male orientated industry and for much of my personal career path this has been true however there are many great people from all gender backgrounds in Insurance many of whom I have had the pleasure of working with and for. I certainly don’t feel I am where I am because I am the best woman for the job…. I am simply the best person for the role. I strongly believe that the suffragette movement was about equality and not supremacy!


With the Movo Partnership still only in its second full year and outperforming all initial forecasts, with over 50 broker partners signed up as either franchises, start-ups or switchers  Lea and the wider team are excited by what the future holds. We will be looking forward and focusing on both start up businesses and succession plans for the smaller established broker who wants to retain their business and its brand. These are the two areas of the Insurance Industry that have seen challenges especially in recent times.

As a company Movo is soon to launch its own charity and ensure it continues to give back both to the hardworking brokers, the staff and to society.

This is a very exciting business which has only just begun its journey…………..!



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