Success is not Always Recognised in Numbers – But Truly We Appreciate our Growth at this Time

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When Movo began we were constantly asked about size – it seemed important for others to measure us in numbers. This was never our focus, instead, it was about offering something different and forward-thinking.

The Movo Partnership is not held to targets and KPI’s, instead we are all about the broker and relationships. We ARE proud to now have 45 engaged, happy brokers within our network, that happily share their success stories with others who ask. However, the “how big do you want to be” will never revolve around numbers.

We work hard to provide a different kind of network. One that supports the actions of being directly authorised but assists with the back-office support you would expect from an AR network.

So, what is our ambition for growing the Movo Partnership?

We simply want to support professional brokers wanting to be independent enough to deal directly with their insurer partners and retain 100% of their income.

Starting and running a business is difficult enough, especially during a pandemic, the support we offer ensures brokers are left to do what they do best; look after customers and work with insurers directly to provide an optimum service.

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What are your barriers to being independent? Contact us for a chat and see if we can remove your limitations and head for the stars!

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