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GT Insurance joined the Movo Partnership back in March 2020  and came to us looking for a very particular solution that no one else could offer them.

Keith George and Robin Timms joined forces to set up GT Insurance and the one thing they absolutely needed was access to OGI. Whilst the Movo Partnership is an Acturis bias business, we were able to assist and put in place a dual system provision enabling the personal lines niche in caravans to take flight and still allow GT Insurance to focus on their commercial clients also.

Looking back on the first 10 months since joining Movo, Keith had the following to say:
“Well what a first year being self-employed that was & without Movo I’m not sure we’d have made it!

We first met with Lea in the November of 2019 & from that point I knew Movo were the way to go, having that we’d look into several alternatives. Lea’s enthusiasm about the Movo model gave us all the reassurances we needed to choose them & move forward.

The Movo process of getting us on board was fantastic from start to finish. Setting up as a broker would have been an almost impossible thing to achieve had we not received the support & guidance that the Movo network offers, & still does”.

Despite actively looking for an OGI solution, no one could provide one until they Movo and we were able to look outside of the box and put it together.

“Working with Keith and Robin has been a fantastic experience and whilst they have two very significant halves to their business we know this will be a huge success”.

GT Insurance weren’t sure they could find a network to support their system requirements but as with all out prospects we will work with you to see how we can make it work. The Movo way is to find a way!


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