The Movo Partnership Welcomes Goldstone Broking Group

Goldstone Broking Group

Movo is pleased to welcome the Goldstone Broking Group as a member of the Partnership from January this year. 

Goldstone is an exciting new start-up with ambitious plans in place for the future. The three current directors of the business will be drawing from a wealth of experience right across the insurance arena over many years.

After some very considered planning, they have decided to pool their experience and invest in this journey together to form Goldstone.

They kick off with two offices and will be based from Maidstone in Kent as well Wigan in Greater Manchester which will give them great access around the UK to meet clients face to face.

Goldstone is primarily concerned with the quality of service they afford their customers and providing the right quality cover, which isn’t always the cheapest they concede. As well as this they want to provide their customers with carefully considered options when it comes to making the right decision regarding cover. These two factors are core to their offering.

They state on their site “We know what it’s like to feel like you’re constantly calling and emailing with slow replies that don’t get your query resolved, we are here to fix that.” 


Having looked at a couple of different AR routes, Goldstone decided that the flexibility and support the Movo Partnership offered would be key to their growth plans. After spending years building Insurer relations, it was something they saw the value in being able to maintain and grow, whilst also growing the business.

“we have made sure we have access to a number of markets and 100’s of top quality insurers. However we are totally independent and are here to find you the best cover”

Lea Cheesbrough (Movo MD) said “It has been a delight working with the team so far and we look forward to being part of their journey and watching the business grow, watch this space…”

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