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Laura and LMR Insurance joined the Movo Partnership in December 2019 shortly after we had acquired Essential Risk Solutions (whom she had previously worked with), which would later become Movo Leicester Ltd. 


Laura had a small commercial book of business and had been trading less than 12 months. Her focus was on property and she was looking specifically for a network that could support with construction risks and training into new areas of insurance to enhance her business further.


When asked to talk about her experience after 12 months of working with Movo Laura commented “Joining Movo as an AR was the best decision that I have made to help grow my brokerage. They have given me the tools and support to become successful in the commercial insurance sector, for I am very grateful. I can’t recommend them highly enough”.

LMR’s book of business has steadily grown since joining the Partnership and within 18 months  they have seen growth which has more than doubled their book of business.

“We we were delighted when Laura initially decided to work with us. The onboarding process was very straightforward as Laura had a clear plan for the business moving forward, this ensured a smooth transition as a switcher. We look forward to the future working alongside Laura and LMR Insurance and supporting her further with her plans for growth and development”

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