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Movo welcomed Boleyn Underwriting and Colin Mayor who joined the Partnership in July 2020.

Colin came to us as he was looking for a principal noting his previous principal was no longer able to support him.

Boleyn was slightly different from our typical profile of broker to this point, but we worked with Colin to understand his business better and see how we could best forge a relationship.

Boleyn is essentially an MGA and has one capacity provider. By working with Colin we worked through how we would need to support him and also how this could benefit our other brokers.

Looking back on joining the Partnership Colin confirmed that Movo has been able to give him all the support he could need, not just with day-to-day requirements, but working closely with his providers and supporting the due diligence process that sits within the tri-party agreement.

In addition, Colin has a ready-made distribution model which has enhanced his business enormously.

“Working with Colin has been a real eye-opener for Movo as whilst Boleyn is different to the usual brokers we work with, it showed us that if we work together we can accomplish what everyone involved needs, and adds long term value to all of our brokers at the same time”

When the Movo Partnership was created it was designed with flexibility and resilience at its core. Working with Boleyn Underwriting showed that we should always look at ways to make things work, as opposed to finding reasons not to do something!

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